Dotted Line Collaborations & Spinnaker

Dotted Line Collaborations and Spinnaker are two different companies operated by an entrepreneurial husband and wife duo. Our team worked with both teams to create a shared space for their two companies. Spinnaker is a leading business consulting company, while Dotted Line Collaborations is a creative firm specializing in branding and graphics.

Special care was taken to merge their brands, using colors that overlapped between both a traditional business organization and a creative brand – in this case, navy, sky blue, and orange.

The design features custom millwork in both the founders’ offices, classic midcentury furniture, and a custom wood feature with moss inserts and a swiveling TV mount. Additionally, off of the reception area, a former bank-vault was outfitted as a quiet library space with moody and subdued tones.

The bank vault library and communal living room area were added to promote creativity and collaboration.

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