Plumber’s Union Local 1 Headquarters

The Plumbers Union, in Long Island City, NY, is a perfect example of how three separate ENV offices join together to fulfill all aspects of their client’s vision for a new headquarters. Starting by repurposing the former Continental Looseleaf Building into a space for meetings, private offices, negotiations and union assemblies, the original building needed to be stripped down to its original steel structure before it could be repurposed for this nonprofit’s new home.

Drawing upon the timeless qualities of water as design inspiration, this LEED Certified building was designed and created using the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, which allowed for enhanced coordination when it came to architectural design, engineering, project management and interior design.

The interior features a sculpted timeline depicting historical events and significant members and contributions in plumbing.

The building itself was intended to conform to the local vernacular design on the outside.

The interiors open with a monumental presence, and refer to the industrial nature of the building. Visitors are greeted by a waterfall fountain and a formal ornamental staircase on the ground floor, and are surrounded by traditional arches that reference ancient aqueduct construction.

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