Freedom Bank

Freedom Bank is an independent, full-service commercial bank with locations throughout Northern New Jersey. The bank has been continuing to grow and has begun to expand with multiple new locations throughout the state. ENV was brought on to provide architectural and interior design services in order to create an innovative space for the bank which could be adapted into numerous new storefront locations. The two newest branches are located in Ridgewood and Mahwah, New Jersey.

Working in collaboration with the banking staff, our firm helped to create a new concept which focuses on improving customer experience. The design features an open plan with ample seating areas, a coffee bar, and free-standing desks. The idea of these additions is to create a more informal and engaging environment for banking customers. ENV is currently working with Freedom Bank to fit-out some additional locations coming soon.

The center of the space features a coffee area to help make customers feel more welcome

An open-plan design with seating area allows for the bank staff to provide a unique customer experience

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