Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming is a modern indoor farming company that grows high quality produce in urban spaces using fewer resources than traditional farming methods. They needed a new administrative office in NYC and selected the ENV team to design a space that would be a step forward for their organization, and one that could accommodate its continued future growth.

The top floor location of their new office had a design opportunity not often found in NYC office space–skylights! The position of each of the six skylights became focal points in the design of the new space. The natural light from above fosters the flourishing of both plant life and the collaborative process. Thus, welcoming breakout areas were strategically laid out beneath the skylights. Each skylight was also detailed with color-changing cove lights, a design accent that can be appreciated as the daylight turns to darkness.

ENV used the unique elements of the office to provide the Bowery team with all the tools they need to be successful and thrive in their new home.

The large pantry is ideal for Bowery’s in-house product creation and testing, and can be used for meetings, or as performance or event space.

Branding Within the Space

For a company where being green is both figurative and literal, it was important to incorporate greenery into Bowery’s space. The Garden on the Wall piece located behind the reception desk announces to visitors in a succinct and visual way what Bowery Farming is all about. The living, breathing artwork is composed of preserved greens that require no maintenance. Elsewhere, various planters and greens are placed thoughtfully throughout the office.

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