Salmah Nashurdeen

Project Designer | New York, NY

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From about 10 years old, Salmah has always been doing some sort of creative hobby. She dabbled in many art forms from drawing cartoons, to detailed inked art, to eventually surreal acrylic landscapes. Salmah always knew she wanted to do something creative with her career, but she didn’t know what. But, after being taken to a construction site upstate by her structural engineer father, she knew the architecture & design field was the way to go.

Salmah attended New York Institute of Technology for her 5-year bachelor’s degree in architecture. Throughout architecture school, she continued to have a strong focus in art, color, and texture. Salmah had showings for her paintings in galleries around the state & country through college as well. After college she worked in an office doing architecture & interior design and soon realized that interiors was the path she wanted to pursue at ENV.

Apart from work, Salmah continues to paint as a hobby to relax and unwind. She loves spending free time with friends, going on hikes, and being active.

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