Annie Yip

Project Director | New York, NY

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Some girls play with doll houses… Annie built her own. For as far back as she can remember, she has loved constructing exterior and interior spaces. When she was 7 years old, armed with nothing but Legos and her imagination, Annie would build whatever came to her mind. These included completely furnished multiple story structures with intricate architectural details like interconnecting stairs, balconies, and pitched roofs.

Looking back, every significant event in Annie’s life was leading up to a career in architecture – from her early predilection for drawing to her desire to unite function and beauty in her creations. Taking notice of her talents, teachers pushed Annie to attend a specialized art school. She decided to follow their advice, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the School of Visual Arts.

Her current position as Project Director at ENV requires a bit of everything – making presentations to new potential clients, meeting with existing clients, coordinating with engineers on all aspects of the design, and managing projects from beginning to end. Some notable projects she has worked on here are Savanna, Westbrook Partners, Meadow Partners, Comcast, HDR Manhattan, Situation, and Zero Point Zero.

In her personal life, Annie has a second full time job chauffeuring her two kids and managing their multitude of activities. She enjoys traveling, widening her children’s exposure to different cultures, trying all types of cuisines, and cooking and baking with her kids.

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