NY Office Unveils the
ENVision lab

Exciting things are happening at ENV New York! We have recently finished construction on our ENVision lab.

The focal point of the room is a very large, 86 inch, touch screen system that allows us to bring our design development process to life. When clients come to our office, they join us in our lab where we review, interact, explore, and sketch on the digital workspace

The ENVision lab digital workspace unleashes a whole new method of client collaboration and exploration of design options. The software also allows people to join the meeting via webcam when not able to attend in person.

ENVision lab also features a custom-built, tunable LED light that allows us to set the exact lighting parameters as they will be in the completed project. Matching the lighting to the client’s new space allows us to accurately review and select finishes.

In the near future, we will be incorporating virtual reality/VR walkthru capabilities into ENVision lab where we can take people on a virtual tour of their designed space!

The short video below shows the transformation of the room into what it is today. The timelapse of the demolition of a conference room is followed by key milestones of the construction into the ENVision lab.

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