On the Boards: Joy Christian Fellowship Church (Englewood, NJ)

The congregation of Joy Christ Fellowship Church owns four parcels of land with several buildings that support the parish operations including weekend services, religious education, and community outreach. This project includes demolishing the building that currently houses their religious education programs and consolidating the four adjacent parcels into one. This creates an opportunity to address the limited parking for the church’s growing membership as well as provide more efficient access between the various buildings.

A new two-story addition is being built off of the church’s existing sanctuary. The primary function of the new building is to provide a new, state-of-the-art space to house and expand upon the congregation’s religious education programs. A new main entrance atrium, classrooms, and multi-purpose assembly spaces will be provided to foster and nurture the spiritual development of the church’s youngest members. The contemporary aesthetic of the new addition also symbolizes the church’s progressive outlook and desire to cultivate a more inclusive, supportive community.

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