Design Development

During the Design Development Phase, conceptual design work is expressed in a comprehensive design package. Our presentation will demonstrate how all components of the design work together within the space.

Materials, finishes, and furnishings for the project will be selected and the Project Team will prepare a visual presentation to illustrate the proposed design treatment. This presentation will include the following:

  • Rendered floor plans indicating disposition of color and materials in the space.
  • Presentation boards for specific areas and workstations, showing samples of general furnishing items, colors and textures, with photographs and materials of those items selected for the project.
  • Design concepts of the special areas.
  • Design concepts for ceilings and lighting.
  • Design concepts for signage and plant programs.
  • Design and furnishings standards for interior spaces to establish environmental and space quality. These standards will include: Furniture systems, Color palettes, Special partitioning and doors, Cabinetwork, Floor covering, Special ceiling and lighting, and Finishing items (wall covering, draperies, etc.).

We will prepare a list of long lead items to be ordered in advance so that delivery and installation of such items may occur on a timely basis. This step will ensure that your new facility will be fully operational upon your move-in. These items may include:

  • Supplementary HVAC
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer terminals
  • Storage units and file storage
  • Furniture systems
  • Kitchen equipment.

We will submit a final budget, prepared within the guidelines established, and based upon furniture, construction elements and finishes. This budget will delineate your actual build-out costs.