Mission Driven

We are inspired by the missions of our clients. We seek to discover the unique place your organization occupies in the landscape of your business and your community. Through the planning, programming, design and construction of new or renewed facilities we help to make the experience of your staff, clients and visitors better. We focus on the way places work to foster various degrees and modes of social interaction and on the way that architectural character can reflect institutional aspiration and inspire a healthy sense of pride and community.



Working with most of our clients entails engaging an array of constituencies representing a wide variety of interests. It is both an opportunity and a challenge to harness the ideas and energy of every potential participant in the design process the appropriate level. Through careful attention to process, communication and facilitation we develop a level of collaboration that will maximize the opportunity for success and buy-in while maintaining momentum and design coherence.



Particularly in today’s economic environment, the developers, administrators and users we work with are extraordinarily busy. We can help by being extraordinarily responsive. We believe that our fully integrated, design-oriented Architecture & Engineering approach is uncommon in the industry and offers our clients a rare combination of award-winning design and attention to project delivery.